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Stocktaking consultancy and training

Our consultancy service means we can also work with you, your managers and your chefs to ensure the stock taking results add real value to your business. We’ll analyse the results and help to pinpoint areas for improvement. We’ll work with you to identify what improvements are needed in order to reduce stock losses and increase profitability.


There may be simple but effective ways to help improve your stock management quickly. We may also identify policies and procedures which could be introduced or improved. Either way, we can help guide you and your staff to implement the changes effectively.


Once we’ve helped identify the requirements to improve your stock management, you may feel your team need some training to ensure proper controls are in place for the long term. We can help with this too. We’ll look at your business, and the content of any training will be tailored specifically for you. Training may include areas such as:

  • Stock rotation
  • Stock management
  • Security of your stock
  • Accurate stock records
  • Financial considerations
  • Stock ordering
  • Forecasting
  • Appropriate stock control systems and procedures
  • The importance of effective stock taking
  • Stock waste management

We’re confident that by working with us, you will see an improvement in your stock management, and ultimately, your profitability.

To talk to us about our stock taking and consultancy services, call us on 07980 988338 or email We’ll be happy to help.

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