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Stocktaking for the Hospitality Industry

Stocktaking for the hospitality industry is what our business has been built on. We started out providing stock taking services to pubs, hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes before expanding our services to include other industries.

We’ve built a reputation around Fermanagh, Tyrone, Donegal and the surrounding counties as the leading stocktakers for the hospitality industry. We work with many of the large hotels in the region and numerous bars, off licences and pubs to help with their stock management.

Effective stock control is an essential part of running successful bars, hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants. Food service and licensed premises can benefit from working with our experienced stocktakers, helping to maximise profits and minimise stock losses.

Food stocktaking

Whether you have a restaurant, a hotel or a café, you’ll need to ensure your stock management is contributing to the success of your business. Very often, we can quickly identify simple measures which can help reduce waste and improve your profitability from the first stock take we do.


Food waste and ineffective management can result in huge losses, and ultimately drain away your profits. Having worked with many chefs and managers over the years, we’ve seen how ineffective stock management in kitchens and restaurants can have an impact on profits, and we know how to turn that around.

Licensed premises

Controlling and managing stock effectively in a bar or pub is one of the key elements to ensuring profitability and helping your cash flow. For many pubs, stock taking is something which they have not managed to utilise effectively.


Often, we only hear from a bar or pub when they see a noticeable problem in their stock management, but there may have been issues for months or even years previously. The earlier you get in touch with us, the sooner we can help you control your stock more effectively, and ultimately save you money and help improve your bottom line.

There’s a reason why our clients in the hospitality trade continue to work with us, and recommend us to others. We provide high quality, friendly service and most importantly, we deliver insights which can help improve your stock management and increase your profitability. If you’d like to talk to us about your stock taking needs, just give us a call on 07980 988338, or drop us an email to

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