With the daily trials and tribulations of running your own business, days and weeks pass by in the blink of an eye. Sometimes we get so caught up in the here and now that we forget to take some time out and take stock of things. Running a business can be a tough slog more often than not, but the positives far outweigh the negatives. When going through a bad spell, it’s important to revert back to the beginning and ask yourself why you started your own business.

Pursuing a Passion

A Break from the Norm

You may work 50/60 hours a week with very little sleep, but the choice to break free from the grind of the typical “9-5” is so that you can make a proper living. Things will eventually settle and a more relaxed routine will follow allowing you the flexibility to spend more quality time with family and friends.

Income Potential

One of the main reasons you have decided to go solo is to earn more money for a better lifestyle. An unlimited income could be possible depending on the efforts and success of the venture. Working for a company, your salary is based on their opinions and decisions. Go get what you are truly worth!

A Good Idea

You’ve had a lightbulb above the head moment about your product/service and you see a gap in the market for what you do. That idea has got you to where you are now so keep positive. Look how far you’ve come already.

You have outgrown the nest

You have learned the ropes and you know everything there is to know in your chosen field. You feel like you are ready to fly but are constantly being held back. Being your own boss is something you’ve always wanted and you are now armed with the tools to succeed.

It’s easy to question yourself and allow self-doubt to creep in, but if we give ourselves some time to take a step back and take stock of the reasons why we started out in the first place, it will provide that extra boost to reenergise and go again!

Stocktaking gets social!

Our Vision & Mission

I’d say I’m a fairly sociable chap at the best of times, so what better way to connect with our customers and other businesses than through social media. We’ve been embracing the social world lately. It’s a fun and enlightening experience! Do connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can even make an enquiry via our social media channels if you prefer!

And now, I’m giving blogging a go. I’m sharing stories and tips from my days on the stocktaking trail in “The Rambling Stocktaker” posts on our blog. Have a read, and let me know what you think!

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