Your business, Your baby.

Let’s face it; running your own business is no mean feat. Recruiting, training, tax returns, HR, finance, buying, marketing; you are all these job titles wrapped into one.

Some of these job roles can’t be outsourced as your require full control of your baby-oh, I mean business. To you this is your baby. You are constantly trying to nurture your baby for the best possible growth yet sometimes obstacles fly into your face.

If you run a retail or hospitality business one such obstacle can be shrinkage. ‘Just where has that stock gone to that you swore you had? Was it theft? Maybe it wasn’t delivered in the first place?’ These are questions I am sure you have asked yourself in the last six months. The truth is there can be various reasons for shrinkage in a business but it is important to know these reasons and have a true breakdown.

That’s were we can help you to plan and conduct a stock take within your business that will provide you with 100% accurate finding’s. This will allow you to plan for the immediate future and delegate budgets to the right areas. 

Maybe you require a security guard, maybe you require all deliveries to be checked and signed for on a daily basis. Whatever it is you really need you will only find out through true stocktaking duties thus making you a profitable business.

You’ve all heard of the phrase ‘It’s time to take stock’, and at Inn Stock Services you can sit back and allow US to take stock for you, taking away the time, effort and stress of carrying out a stock take in your busy surroundings, allowing you to get on with the day to day running of your business. Get in touch today;

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Stocktaking gets social!

Our Vision & Mission

I’d say I’m a fairly sociable chap at the best of times, so what better way to connect with our customers and other businesses than through social media. We’ve been embracing the social world lately. It’s a fun and enlightening experience! Do connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can even make an enquiry via our social media channels if you prefer!

And now, I’m giving blogging a go. I’m sharing stories and tips from my days on the stocktaking trail in “The Rambling Stocktaker” posts on our blog. Have a read, and let me know what you think!

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